10 Reasons Why You Should Use an eDiscovery Review Tool

A few times a month a client will call up asking for assistance with reviewing and producing e-mails. They explain that they “received an e-mail file from their client and then we reviewed in Microsoft Outlook and now certain e-mails need to be produced. Oh yeah, and some of the e-mails that need to be produced require redactions, some of the attachments are privileged therefore cannot be produced with the parent e-mail, and it is necessary to maintain the folder structure even though during the review the messages were sorted into relevant and privileged folders.” My client has just dug a ditch with a spoon.

Here are a few reasons why using a review tool is recommended:

1) Assist with production of privilege log;
2) Properly index and make documents searchable;
3) Identify documents that cannot be searched (scanned images or PDF files) to allow for manual
4) Track documents that have been produced to opposing parties;
5) Documents can be tiffed and branded with confidentiality designations;
6) Email families can be kept together or split-up based on privilege or confidentiality;
7) Creation of review templates to allow for issue coding and tagging;
8) Ensure that the metadata is not altered and documents are maintained in a pristine condition;
9) Provide a defensible process that will assist in the event privilege documents are inadvertently produced; and
10) Save the client money vs. doing a review in an email application.

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